The Avengers Movie Series Captain America Shield Launcher Action Figure Toy Review

The Avengers Movie Series Captain America Shield Launcher Action Figure Toy Review


This is a review of the avengers 3 inch Captain America. First up is the detail and all i can say is WOW! this figure has some of the best detail from Captain America Hasbro figures they nailed his head sculpt  he looks great his a is straight and it is painted on. His wings are painted to. Below his wings there's his ears which looks nice and the flesh tone works. His star is sculpted on and it has a shiny silver effect to it there's a light blue then a darker blue in the armpit area. There are a couple of paint splotches but hey its Hasbro


what do you expect. his belt has silver bits on it and its nicely sculpted its a separate piece. The legs have nice knee pads and boots with the silver lines painted shiny silver. He has a holster with sculpted leg straps. His arms look nice the silver lines are sculpted and have that shiny paint he has that grey area and it fades into the blue nicely. His gloves are a nice color red and they have a strip of silver.

Articulation Edit

His head can turn 360 degrees his arms can move up and down and out ward he can bend at the elbow. His elbow turns all the way around his waist moves all around his ankles bend his legs go forward and back and out ward.

Accessories Edit

Cap comes with his shield it is painted nicely and its shiny it has straps that you put on his glove to get the shield on he comes with a pistol its flat grey and it has a basic sculpt you can get the figure to hold it or you can holster it and his gimmick is he comes with a gun that launches a bigger version of the shield with a bigger star the gun has a hole and cap has a hole in the back so you can plug it into the back and it has a clip so you can clip it to his glove to fire it you click this button on the back and the shield fires pretty far. The launcher has the avengers A on there so i guess that's a nice touch over all a great movie cap. Credit to Sean Long he did the video review go check him out hes awesome.